Commander John Brown

Commander John Brown
John Brown

I will OWN you!

A man of INTEGRITY, VISION, and HIGH THOUGHTS and not a brute, but I am a CRUEL master if RESPECT isn’t shown. We shall do extraordinary exploits together if I can bear your existence. I am not only your master but your intercessor to your reconciliation and salvation. I am he and have the MARK of the Chosen One. Come … confess your sins and I shall absolve you of your guilt and shame through fervent passion or my malicious whip! You WILL thank me.

HARDCORE SLAVERY is the future of all mankind. SUBMIT! All nations will be ruled with a ROD of IRON. Only the finest of women will be our property and every man will be our bitch. Your children will be bred appropriately. Boys will be emasculated, and girls will rule over them. Prepare for total domination; for the Saints of the Most High shall TAKE the kingdom! I am the Chosen of The LORD. Decide: SLAVERY OR DEATH. Choose wisely.
Praise ye The LORD

White Bitches: Prepare for total oppression, humiliation, and annihilation! I will own you as possessions as punk ass white boys look on powerlessly. This is just the beginning of reparations. Deep delving recompense will every day be the order. Total obedience will be your only job and means of survival. Resistance is futile.
“There ain’t a bitch that can’t be broken” -The Furor


The CHILDREN shall rule over ADULTS with whips, extreme prejudice, and harsh terrors. DAUGHTERS shall condemn and berate their savage FATHERS with furious scoldings and bitter rebukes. Your SONS shall cower in fear as their MOTHERS ruthlessly break their younglings with beatings of the strap, loud and foul harassments, persecutions, and intimidation under the divine feminine spirit that shall castigate the BOYS into permanent Sissydom while they, the WOMEN themselves, be our bed-wench worshippers. Their younglings and emasculated “men” shall look on powerlessly in fear of our supreme authority as their MASTER.

White Bois: I cherish the opportunity to bitch you out and make you pure sweetness in and out from your red lips to your sweet ass. You will be my emasculated bitch with the skills to pay the bills while wearing cheerleader mini-skirts, hot pants, daisy duke jeans, and tight blouses like the bitch you truly are. Hooker high heels to furry dainties, stockings, and garter belts shall you also don. Your nails will ALWAYS be scarlet red or French tipped. and it won’t stop there. I will always push the envelope until you are a complete and total bitch boi. In fact, more than a woman. Your makeup skills will be pure art, your walk will make a supermodel cry, and your gait will be so fucking gay it hurts. Take that bass out of your voice bitch! and sit when you pee. You will talk and look like a total girl with your wrist bent, and unclockable. Your ass and tits too will be phenomenal. Guys will cream themselves when they see how much of a boy bitch you have become… your sissy bitch, cock-sucking sweet ass will be ruled! Long live this Brave New Order!

Come worship before the Furor! תִפאֶרֶת

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